149: Blackberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

On Sunday morning for breakfast, I decided to make Blackberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake. We all know that I like coffee cakes a lot, so I was excited about this one.

I used margarine instead of butter because I didn’t like the taste of the butter in the one I made the week before. I also used the Neufchatel cream cheese rather than the full fat version. I followed the directions thoroughly. I tried getting the batter slightly up the sides of the pan, and I think I may have done too good a job of that. Then I layered on the cream cheese layer, put a pint of blackberries atop that, and sprinkled on the streusel topping, trying to not let it be too clumpy. I baked this for the full 70 minutes.

Blackberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

I liked this less than I had expected. The taste was good, but the first piece I ate had a very, very thick cream cheese layer, with only a hint of a bottom crust where the cake layer was supposed to be. I guess this was similar to cheesecake, which I like, but which I also need to be in the mood for. The edges tasted good, but were a little too stiff and crunchy.

If I make this again, I will probably try to simply get all layers even, so that I won’t end up with a thick cream cheese layer. I’m more likely to skip this one, though, and just stick to coffee cakes without cream cheese.

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