229: Key Lime Pie

229: Key Lime Pie

[See my updated recipe here.]

I wanted to make a very easy, cool, refreshing pie when we had company in town one weekend, and I figured there wasn’t much easier or refreshing than Key Lime Pie. The weather was warm, so I chose the recipe from the Joy of Baking website since it didn’t bake very long and thus wouldn’t heat the house too much.

I decided to just buy a graham cracker crust, rather than make one myself. Making the filling was very easy, and baking it was quick. I put Cool Whip on it right before serving.

slice of key lime pie
Key Lime Pie

This was delicious. I thought it was very refreshing, with a good lime flavor. I don’t think you could make a pie that was any simpler than this. Next time I want to make Key Lime Pie, I’ll return to this recipe.

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