298: Hot Cocoa (Joy of Baking)

Another cold night, another Hot Cocoa recipe. I chose this particular recipe tonight because it was a single serving, and I was only making it for myself.

Very simple recipe, really. Heat milk on the stove. Meanwhile, combine sugar, dutched cocoa powder, and cream or milk in a mug. Add hot milk to mug and stir until blended. Add marshmallows or whipped cream. I used a blend of Dutched and regular cocoa (specifically, I ordered Saco cocoa a while ago, when I got it for a bit cheaper). I heated 2% milk on the stove, and mixed heavy cream with the cocoa and sugar. I topped with marshmallows.

I actually made this again later in the week to try it with Splenda rather than sugar, and milk in place of cream.

Hot Cocoa (Joy of Baking)

This was tasty enough. It had a smooth texture. In general, I think I prefer a stronger/darker cocoa flavor, but this was a nice balance of sweet and chocolate. Using milk instead of cream was fine, but the Splenda (and other artificial sweeteners) lacked the substance that the sugar gave to hot cocoa. I expected to say that this needed a little vanilla extract or a dash of salt to round out the flavors, but I don’t actually think it does. I’d make this again, but for one person, I’d like to try to figure out how to make it in the microwave rather than on the stove.

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