306.5: Oatmeal Wheat Dog Biscuits

As I just mentioned, I knew when our doggie anniversary was. I wanted our dog to have something special, too! It would have been a shame to let a dog bone shaped cookie cutter be used only to make human food. So I decided to make Oatmeal Wheat Dog Biscuits.

The ingredients were oatmeal, beef bouillon, powdered milk, an egg, margarine (which I replaced with vegetable oil), water, cornmeal, and whole wheat flour. I kneaded the dough together (much like making bread), and patted it out to 1/2 inch thick. I cut dog bones out and baked them for 50 minutes. I let them sit out overnight to cool and dry out.

Oatmeal Wheat Dog Biscuits

All ingredients in these came from my pantry, and it smelled basically like I was baking beef-flavored bread. Not necessarily a bad idea, right? There’s no real reason why I couldn’t try these, but I’m not particularly interested in them. Our dog Kayla’s had a couple, though, and she certainly seems to like them.

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