330: Mocha Hot Cocoa (BHG)

I decided to make the Mocha Hot Cocoa recipe from Better Homes and Gardens, but I originally left the coffee out of it so that Alex could enjoy it. I also planned on sending individual packets of homemade cocoa mix to my family for Christmas, and I decided it would be nicer for them to get mocha cocoa than plain old hot cocoa mix.

For the first batch I made a third of the recipe but left out the instant coffee. The second time I made it, I made the full recipe, including instant coffee. Both times I blended the ingredients (except chocolate chips) together in a blender, rather than mix them together by hand, because I feel like the mix dissolves better that way.

This was pretty decent, both with and without coffee. I forgot to add the chocolate chips to a cup I made of the regular cocoa batch, and it didn’t have the same satisfying mouthfeel without them. The cocoa is very drinkable and not too sweet, although the sweetness and richness of it could vary if you used richer or sweeter chocolate chips (I used generic ones). I’d make this cocoa again, as long as I remember to put chocolate chips in it.

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