355: Glazed Almonds

I decided to make candied almonds as a part of all my gift packages. The Glazed Almonds recipe I came across was pretty simple. It involved cooking sugar, almonds (which should have been blanched, but I used raw), and butter (I always use real butter to make candy) on the stove for 9 minutes in an 8-inch skillet, until the sugar is melted and starting to brown. Stir in vanilla and pour onto a buttered sheet pan to let it cool. The syrup was thin, so that the almonds along the edge had brittle running out from them, rather than just coating them. The nuts were pretty easy to break apart after they cooled.

I wish I had a picture to show you. This seemed much more like almond brittle than candied almonds. I wish that I hadn’t cooked the syrup quite as much, because I browned it more than I had wanted to. It was still delicious, though, and was very simple to make. I’d recommend this tasty recipe due to its simplicity, but do realize that you’re getting something more akin to a candy brittle than just candy coated almonds.

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