81: Pina Coladas (Gourmet Magazine)

I was a little disappointed by the last pina coladas I made, so I looked around for other recipes to try. I had some pineapple and coconut milk leftover from the pina colada waffles, so I decided to try the Pina Colada recipe from Gourmet magazine. It was apparently first published in 1968, and takes actual pineapple, coconut milk rather than the sweet cream of coconut, a little sugar and lime juice, ice, and rum.

This was tasty, and definitely not as sweet as the ones I made with cream of coconut. These were refreshing. The pineapple was stronger than in the last recipe, since this one didn’t take much coconut. I would make this one again, but I’m not giving up on finding a pina colada recipe I like even better.

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