About me

I’m a semi-recent transplant to Southern New Jersery, where I live with my husband and toddler.

I like assembling ingredients to make something greater than just the sum of those ingredients. I like to make things from scratch. Mostly this is food, but I also have occasionally knitted, crocheted, and gardened lightly. I hate throwing things away so I’m happy to find multiple uses for things. I like the process of making things. It’s very satisfying to make something, to finish something, to accomplish or produce something concrete. Particularly with cooking, my finished product often is less expensive than it would have been to buy it – an added bonus.

I’m a picky eater who happens to like a surprising number of different things. You’ll never find me making egg recipes, or recipes with a lot of cheese, but I make Asian, Indian, and Mexican (-inspired) food as well as more standard fare. I like a lot of healthy food – I’m a huge fan of whole wheat waffles and steel cut oats, for example – but chocolate is a main component in several of the recipes I’ve made. Sometimes I use specialty ingredients, but how unusual you think those are depends largely on your own background.

I’ve enjoyed baking for as long as I can remember, and I think my mother kept the flour and sugar canisters full simply because I always wanted to make cookies and brownies. I have a lot of cookbooks, but I find that most of my recipes come from magazines or from web sources. Even though I’ve been cooking for years, there’s still a lot of food for me to try and techniques to cultivate.

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    1. I’m glad you came to take a look! I have a vegetarian tag for meals, but obviously I don’t make enough vegan food to have a dedicated vegan tag. The chocolate peanut butter banana bread was great, definitely give it a try!

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