Dark Chocolate Coconut Macaroons

This month I made Dark Chocolate Coconut Macaroons with some egg whites I’d previously frozen. I’d made them once before – the day before I gave birth, in fact. They were the perfect snack for being in the hospital – rich, two-bite indulgences that were very chocolatey and yet didn’t seem too decadent thanks to lots and lots of coconut, which made them filling. These were my go-to snack – I’d grab a few in the middle of the night before heading to the NICU to feed baby. They were both comforting and practical.

The recipe is similar to the Raspberry-Coconut Macaroons I made before; both recipes were very simple to make. The chocolate macaroons were just as rich and satisfying now as they were when I first made them in February. They are like a Mounds bar, but better since the cookies are not as sweet. The macaroons provide a real fix for a serious chocolate craving. And not only are they amazingly delicious – making them only took me 30 minutes from start to finish.


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Raspberry Coconut Macaroons

The last time Alex was out of town, I finally made Raspberry Coconut Macaroons. He’s not a huge fan of coconut or raspberry, so I made a point to save this recipe for when he traveled. I really looked forward to this recipe. Although I love macaroons, I’ve only ever made them once. I’m also a huge fan of raspberries, and the onset of spring/summer means better berries in the grocery store. So exciting!

This was a very easy and quick recipe to make. I needed to use my food processor for these as Deb at Smitten Kitchen says that chopping up the coconut is the key to the cookie’s success.

Raspberry-Coconut Macaroons
Raspberry-Coconut Macaroons

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Blackberry Coconut Macaroon Tart

I decided I could finally try the Blackberry Coconut Macaroon Tart one weekend while Alex was out of town. Coffee had been my special ingredient the previous time that Alex had been gone, and sadly, I grew a little tired of it. I wanted brighter flavors – lighter and more spring-like, rather than dark and heavy.

This was March, and blackberries weren’t in season – but I still had the other ingredients to try it. This was a coconut macaroon topped with pistachios – two of my favorite things that I don’t eat all that often. I knew this was going to be fantastic.

Indeed, it certainly was. Deliciously addictive.

Blackberry Coconut Macaroon Tart
Blackberry Coconut Macaroon Tart

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A few years ago my friend Karen gave me some chocolate chip cookie recipes so I could do a cookie taste test (which I still haven’t gotten around to). One other recipe she gave me was a favorite of hers and a family tradition: Spellbinders. They’re brown sugar cookies with oats, coconut, pecans, and cornflakes – and icing. I was excited to finally be able to try them!


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327: Chewy Coconut Macaroons

As I said before, I like making food my husband doesn’t like while he’s not around to eat it. If I make it while he’s here, I have to be jealous of whatever other food I like that he finds to eat. He doesn’t like coconut very much, so I decided to make Chewy Coconut Macaroons.

I’ve never made actual macaroons before (aside from the macaroon chocolate bars I made, but they don’t really count), and for my first attempt, I probably should have found what I would consider a more traditional recipe, one that took an egg white and didn’t take sweetened condensed milk. I didn’t feel like spending much time looking for a recipe, so I was happy to find a recipe with pretty good reviews from Cooking Light.

This recipe was really easy to make. Toss together flour and coconut; add salt, vanilla, and sweetened condensed milk. Drop scant tablespoons of cookie dough onto parchment paper lined sheets. Bake at 250F for 50 minutes.

Chewy Coconut Macaroons

These were pretty good. They were chewy, and they were flatter than I expected to make them because of the condensed milk. I could definitely taste the sweetened condensed milk, which isn’t what I usually expect in a macaroon, but they were still plenty coconuty. They received compliments at work. The macaroons have longevity; I made them on Monday night, and they’re still delicious on Sunday. I’ll try a different recipe first, but I’m very likely to make these again. They were very easy to make, so give them a try.

280: Macaroon-Chocolate Bars

I love coconut macaroons, but it’s something I’ve never made. In part, I haven’t made them because Alex doesn’t particularly like coconut, and it would be difficult for me to eat an entire batch of cookies by myself (although I could try). However, I decided a work potluck would be the perfect time to finally make Macaroon-Chocolate Bars. I’d be able to try the dessert that I wanted, but I would have lots of help eating it!

I bought some generic Oreos to crush for the base of these. This base came together rather easily. It was pretty slick with all the melted margarine, so it was easy to pat it into the aluminum-foiled pan. While it baked for 8 minutes, I made the coconut mixture. This did not pat onto the chocolate base very easily; I had to keep my hands pretty wet to spread it out evenly.

I lost track of time so it baked about 27 minutes; I didn’t think they looked done, so I baked it for another 2 or 3. After the bars cooled, I melted chocolate chips and shortening together and drizzled it on the bars. I cut them after chilling them in the fridge for 30 minutes. They were tough to cut through. I pulled the aluminum foil from the pan, set it on a cutting board, and used my biggest, sharpest knife to cut through them.

These were just about the prettiest thing I’ve ever made.

Macaroon Chocolate Bars

I thought that these tasted good, but I had hoped for a different texture. The crust, since it was made from Oreos and fortified with cocoa powder, had a nice, rich dark chocolate flavor. For some reason, I’d expected something like a thin Oreo brownie; instead, it was crisp and solid. I would have preferred either a crumbly texture or a soft, cookie-like texture. The coconut, although chewy, was not as moist as I had expected. I thought it would have the texture of a Mounds bar, but it seemed a little dry. Even if I hadn’t missed the timer and it had baked only the time listed in the instructions, I think that it would have been more done than I’d expect or prefer.

That said, these had a good taste; they definitely taste like Mounds. They’re also a very put-together cookie for the amount of time I put into them. I might try them again, but I’ll probably underbake them a little to get a softer texture for both the coconut and chocolate layers.

203: Coconut Cream Pie

When I decided to make pie for the last potluck I went to, I bought a premade graham cracker crust, just in case I wanted to use it to save time. It ended up not going with that fruit pie I made, but I didn’t want to have to store it somewhere. The only recipe I found in my Betty Crocker Cookbook that said it took a graham cracker crust was:

Coconut Cream Pie

4 large egg yolks (I used 2 large whole eggs)
2/3 cup sugar
1/4 cup cornstarch
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 cups milk
2 tablespoons stick margarine
2 teaspoons vanilla
1 cup flaked coconut
1 cup sweetened whipped cream or cool whip

Prepare any baked crust. Beat egg yolks with fork in medium bowl. In 2-quart saucepan, mix sugar, cornstarch, and salt. Gradually stir in milk. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until mixture thickens and boils. Boil and stir one minute.

Immediately stir half of the hot mixture gradually into the egg yolks, then stir back into hot mixture in saucepan. Boil and stir one minute. Remove from heat and stir in margarine, vanilla, and 3/4 cup coconut. Pour into pie crust and press plastic wrap on filling to prevent a skin from forming. Refrigerate at least 2 hours or until set.

Remove plastic wrap. Top with whipped cream and remaining 1/4 cup coconut. Cover and refrigerate until serving.


I accidentally broke the first yolk I tried to separate, so I put in the whole egg. [I freeze my egg whites because I intend to make some sort of angel food cake someday, but I know that bits of egg yolks in them will prevent the egg whites from whipping up properly. Or so everything I’ve ever read has said.] My second egg white also looked like it would be contaminated, so I decided to use 2 eggs instead of 4 egg whites.

I used 1% milk. Everything I’ve read said you should use whole milk for cooking, and at the very least 2% milk. I had some fears that this would make my pie runny.

This recipe says that the total “cook time” should be 15 minutes. I took more like 30. I wonder if what I consider “medium” heat is actually “medium-low.” Even so, the milk mixture eventually bubbled constantly, as did the final mixture. Although cooking the custard wasn’t difficult, it definitely required a little patience. It also helps that I’ve made some custards before, so I knew how thick I wanted to cook the mixture and I knew that it would take a while.

Coconut Cream Pie

This pie was delicious. I cooked it long enough that the filling was perfectly thick, not runny, even though I used 1% milk. This had a very intense flavor. I thought it was very vanilla-y – after all, it is vanilla custard with coconut mixed it – but it still tasted of coconut, too. Honestly, I’ve never actually had coconut cream pie other than this, but this one makes me want to make another one!

Overall, I’m incredibly satisfied with this pie. I’d definitely make this recipe again after my year of recipes is up, and it would probably become a go-to recipe for me. That said, I do want to try another pie recipe with a heavier coconut focus, perhaps one that takes coconut milk.

84: Toasted Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies

I think that a lot of my recipe reviews start off with “I had some X that I wanted to use, so I thought I’d make…” This one starts no differently. When I came across the recipe for Toasted Coconut Chocolate Chunk Cookies, I was excited because I had some coconut that I wanted to use.

This recipe makes a small batch, which is also great because we can’t finish everything I make when I only make large recipes! I actually made these on Saturday with the plan to share with friends, and so I gave some of them away as I’d planned to.

I probably nullified the “healthy” factor in these cookies: I used regular semisweet chocolate chips, and I re-toasted some coconut that I’d toasted before. I don’t think this hurt the cookies at all, aside from making the coconut flavor a little less strong. I didn’t measure the amount of coconut I used, though, so I know I had extra coconut in these.

I made 24 (very close to the 25 the recipe yields!) and they baked very accurately – they were done after 10 minutes. I don’t have any pictures, unfortunately, but they looked good. With the brown sugar and coconut in these, they were chewy like oatmeal cookies, and also had a deeper flavor, again more like oatmeal cookies than traditional chocolate chip ones. Alex doesn’t care for coconut too much but he enjoyed these. I could taste the coconut in them, but it wasn’t overwhelming.

We liked these, and while they won’t be one of my favorites, it’s nice to have a low-yield cookie recipe to make. I’d make them again sometime.