101: Kale and Potato Hash

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It’s been a little while since I updated, and this recipe’s a week old already.

I made Kale and Potato Hash last Thursday (I think). It had been in my recipe pile for a while, and I had the kale so I had to make it. It’s pretty simple: 8 cups kale, some horseradish (which I omitted), shallot/onion, salt and pepper, potatoes, and a little olive oil.

This is pretty similar to fried potatoes (which I’ve made often) and was as easy to make, too. Microwave the chopped kale for 3 minutes to get rid of extra moisture, then fry it with potatoes. I left out horseradish because I don’t have any, and thought about adding some wasabi powder (which is just colored horseradish anyway), but didn’t bother.

I liked this just fine. Like I said, it’s pretty much just a healthier version of fried potatoes since it has greens in it. It was fine without the horseradish, but I think I used a little extra black pepper in it, too. I might make this again if I’ve got some spare greens around and I’m making brunch.

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