152: Spicy Orange Chicken

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I was on an Chinese food kick, so I made Spicy Orange Chicken, even though I’d made Asian food earlier in the week.

This was easy to make. I made this a while ago, and I’m trying to remember if there was anything notable that happened while I was cooking it. I used 1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes in this. I think the sauce thickened up very quickly. I decided not to serve it with spinach. Instead we had it over rice, with broccoli and mushrooms on the side. I believe we had 3 servings of this – one for each of us, and one as leftovers.

Spicy Orange Chicken

Alex and I both liked this. The ginger made this spicier than the Kung Pao Chicken, even though it had the same amount of red pepper flakes. The orange segments didn’t do much for me, though – I would have liked it just as much without them. I wish there had been more sauce, because it would have been good with the rice and vegetables; this was probably an adequate amount for the spinach that the recipe called for, though. I’d make this recipe again, but I would probably use regular orange juice and not bother with oranges at all.

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