156: Avocado Ice Cream

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I was excited to try Avocado Ice Cream. I wasn’t sure if we’d like it, and knew we couldn’t eat an entire batch, so I made a third of a batch, using most of one avocado. I likewise reduced the other ingredients to a third. I blended the ingredients together in the hand blender, and stored it in the fridge for the better part of a week, thinking I’d get around to making it.

The night before we went out of town, I went ahead and put it through the ice cream maker and stored it in two little freezer dishes. I knew that it would have to firm up first anyway, before we could eat it, so a little extra time in the freezer wouldn’t hurt.

Avocado Ice Cream

I was disappointed when I didn’t like it. I don’t think it was bad, but it wasn’t something I liked. I’m not a fan of tequila, and the tequila taste in it was stronger than either Alex or I wanted. I really liked the texture, and it might be fine without the tequila added to it. If you like tequila, go ahead and give this recipe a shot. If I make avocado ice cream again, though, I’ll try a different version.

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