158: Cherry Vanilla Bean Milkshake

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I love cherries, and I get excited about them every year. We bought too many, and so I had to pit and freeze them. [I actually bought a cherry pitter just to do this, and I love it!] I was glad to have the excuse to freeze them, because I really wanted to make Cherry Vanilla Bean Milkshakes.

I blended these together in separate Magic Bullet cups. It was a little tough to split half a vanilla bean between the two of them – I may just use vanilla extract next time. I used Breyer’s Light and Dreamy Ice Cream [which I bought because it was lower calorie than regular ice cream but didn’t have a whole bunch of crap added to it] and 2% milk.

I enjoyed this recipe. The cherry flavor in mine wasn’t overwhelming, but only because my cherries probably weren’t the ripest. I don’t know that the vanilla bean was entirely necessary. It did taste like a cup of cherry vanilla yogurt. I liked the way the flavors melded together. I’d make this again, and I might use it as a template to make berry milkshakes in general.

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