174: Apricot-Cherry Upside-Down Mini Cakes

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Since I had both apricots and cherries around, I thought I’d make Apricot-Cherry Upside-Down Mini Cakes. It’s awfully nice when I come across a recipe that I already have all the ingredients for.

I didn’t read the instructions too incredibly closely at first, so I started by putting my fruit in upside down – by which I mean cut side down instead of cut side up. Oops! It’s not easily to arrange halved cherries and apricots so carefully in little ramekins. The batter came together easily, though, and I spooned it carefully onto the fruit in the ramekins. They baked for 30 minutes. It was a little tough to get them out of the ramekins, but that would have been fixed by spraying the sides of the ramekins, too.

Apricot-Cherry Upside-Down Mini Cakes

These were fine. The cakes were a little spongier than I had expected them to be. The presentation was pretty, though, and they did taste good. I don’t think they were good enough for me to make again, but you might like them.

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