180: Rustic Sourdough Bread (King Arthur Flour)

[Edit: You can see my second attempt at this bread here.]

I wanted to make bread because I wanted to make what’s become my replacement for BLTs – bacon, cucumber, and tomato sandwiches. Trust me, these are very refreshing – cucumber’s a nice substitute for lettuce, particularly when you seem to have a new cucumber to eat every other day. I thought that a fresh sourdough bread would be a good base for this sandwich.

I liked the recipe for Hamburger Buns that I’d gotten from the King Arthur Flour websites, so I decided to make their Rustic Sourdough Bread as well.

Believe it or not, I learned from my previous experience making sourdough bread. I decided that I would make this bread the day before I wanted to eat it. I actually made this the same night that I made the Ice Cream Sandwich cookies. I started the dough and went shopping, which took longer than I expected. After about 2.5 hours, I tried to divide the dough, and it became a puddly mess. I let those puddly messes rise an hour, and then baked them for 25 or 30 minutes, until it seemed like they should be done.

I don’t have pictures here to show you. This was easily the ugliest bread I’ve made. It didn’t really brown, although it did seem to have a hard crust. It was very, very flat, much more like a flatbread. You know those panini sandwiches you get from Panera? It was flat like that. In fact, I decided to quarter a loaf and split each piece down the center, so that rather than slices, we had our BCTs on a quarter loaf of bread.

The flavor of this was good. Not too strong, but definitely tasted like sourdough. I will try this again, not just so that I can fix where it went wrong (over-rising), but because it tastes good.

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