189: Buttermilk Brown Sugar Waffles

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[Edit 2017: I tried this recipe again since I had buttermilk to use up. Since I actually used buttermilk, rather than powder and water, the batter was thick and cooked properly. I still used wheat germ, and oil instead of butter; butter likely would have added richness. As I made it, it’s a perfectly fine recipe, and I will use it again if I have excess buttermilk around. However, it won’t replace my regular waffle recipe made with normal milk.]

I realized that I wasn’t keeping up with my recipe count during July, so I decided to make breakfast during the weekend. Buttermilk Brown Sugar Waffles seemed simple and fast enough, since I had a lot of cleaning up to do in the kitchen anyway.

However, I didn’t have buttermilk, so I decided to use the buttermilk powder that I keep in the fridge. I used a quarter cup wheat germ in place of a quarter cup of flour (as suggested in the recipe). I substituted oil for butter because I don’t like for my waffles and pancakes to taste buttery. I also added a tablespoon of white sugar to the two tablespoons brown sugar.

The recipe said to pour a quarter cup of batter into the waffle iron. I don’t know how they thought that would work. That amount made the baby-est waffle ever. I increased it to the 2/3-ish cup of batter that my waffle maker takes, and that worked ok.

This recipe must have had Since my substitution of buttermilk powder and water gave the batter a high liquid content and the batter was’t thick, because my waffles didn’t really become crisp on the outside like I expected them to. A few of them burned when they reached the right consistency (when steam stops coming from my waffle iron).

I found these to be just okay. I particularly like crisp edges of waffles, which these didn’t have. I also thought they seemed a bit oily. The texture was nice otherwise. You can try these, because they’re not bad, particularly if you eat them with syrup. However, I won’t try these again.

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