194: Greek-Style Pork Chops

194: Greek-Style Pork Chops

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For another dinner we had Greek-Style Pork Chops. For this recipe, you briefly marinate pork chops in a little red wine vinegar, oregano, garlic, and olive oil. You make a cucumber, onion, and tomato salad and a cucumber sauce to go with it. No one particularly wanted yogurt sauce, so I didn’t make it. I used cucumbers from my yard but store-bought tomatoes. I cooked the pork chops on a Foreman grill because it seemed a lot easier than broiling them or trying to cook them on the stove. I didn’t have pita bread, but I did make garlic bread to go with this.

greek-style pork chops
Greek-Style Pork Chops

I thought this recipe was okay. It was tasty enough, but I think I wasn’t really in the mood for it when I made it. Karen and Alex thought it was good, though (or at least, they said it was). The recipe was simple and fast to make. I probably won’t make it again because I wasn’t particularly excited about it, but you should definitely try it if you think you would like it. It was pretty healthy and light.

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