199: Cucumber Salsa Salad

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My cucumbers decided to grow like mad, just like my zucchinis did. That, combined with the hot weather, helped me decide it was finally time to make Cucumber Salsa Salad.

The directions were easy to follow. While the cucumber rested with salt on it, I chopped up the rest of the ingredients. I can’t remember how much cilantro I added, but I mixed it in. I also diced the avocado and mixed it into the salsa.

I had this for lunch for several days. I took the salsa and rice in separate containers, heated the rice, and poured the cucumber salsa salad over the rice, which warmed up the salsa just enough so that it was at room temperature rather than cold.

I really, really enjoyed this. This was a refreshing combination of spicy from the jalapenos with the coolness of cucumber. The salsa also contrasted nicely with the rice, and the liquid flavored the rice quite nicely. This would be nice for a picnic where you didn’t mind using utensils, because it could be eaten warmed (like over rice) or cold. I felt very healthy eating this; it was as if I was eating everything that was right about fresh vegetables.

If you couldn’t tell from that description, I heartily recommend this recipe.

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