211: Spicy Cucumber-Avocado Soup

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To deal with the hot weather that just wouldn’t give us a break, I decided to try out a few cool soups. Cold soups normally don’t appeal to me, but I decided that they might be worth trying, given the heat (and our electric bill). To use up my cucumbers as well as try to cool off, I decided to make Spicy Cucumber-Avocado Soup. I left out the chives because I don’t like them, but I didn’t add anything else to make up for it because I wasn’t sure what else to add. I only added half the salt the recipe called for.

Honestly, this was pretty boring. It was not at all spicy. It tasted a lot like a cucumber smoothie with some salt. It also tasted faintly of a boring guacamole. I thought it was kind of salty even with only half of the salt. The only things this recipe had going for it was that it was fast and cold. I had it for lunch the next day, but remained unimpressed. Don’t bother trying this soup – try something else instead.

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