217: Puppy Chow

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I wanted something to mail to a friend, so I decided that Puppy Chow ought to be stable enough to send through the elements and arrive unscathed.

I decided to get this recipe directly from the source: the Chex website. I’d made Chex mix before, but never Puppy Chow. The recipe is simple. You melt together chocolate chips, peanut butter, margarine, and vanilla. You coat cereal with it, and then you shake it in powdered sugar so that it’s not sticky. I put the powdered sugar directly in the bag so that it might keep more of the chocolate mixture from sticking to the sides of the bag.

This was okay. Alex liked it, but I think it wasn’t really my thing. I just felt like it needed something else for me to like it. I have to be in the right mood for peanut butter, and I wasn’t really enjoying the peanut butter that much. This is a decent recipe, and it’s a shame I’m ambivalent toward eating it. I might make it again for other people, but if I want a sweet chex mix, I’ll probably try to find a different recipe, like a chocolate-caramel Chex mix instead.

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