22: Quick Pepperpot Soup

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It’s a Saturday, so I feel like I should have cooked something a little more dramatic. Between going grocery shopping for the Super Bowl party and doing taxes, and remembering that I’d make an decorate a cake tomorrow, I knew I wasn’t really up for anything too ambitious. So I picked up the two things I still needed to make Quick Pepperpot Soup.

It was a pretty easy recipe – the only tough thing was cutting sweet potatoes, which are generally pretty hard. I’m not sure what kind of peppers I got (they weren’t labeled well at the store), but I know they weren’t Scotch Bonnet, and I don’t think they were habanero, either – there wasn’t much “pepper” flavor in my soup. It was a relatively hardy soup, with the okra and sweet potatoes. It was a little sweet from the coconut milk, and I liked it. I just wish it had had the kick from the peppers, but that’s my fault, not the recipe’s.

EDIT: I tried this again with habanero peppers, and they definitely make a difference. It was much better with the right kind of pepper, although I don’t think I’ll make this very often.
Quick Pepperpot Soup

There have been 37 days this year, and I’ve only made 22 new recipes. I didn’t feel my best this week and so I fell further behind. I think the worst part of this so far is wanting to repeat the recipes I’ve made! I ended up making chicken pot pie again last night because it sounded good, and I’ve made butterscotch brownies twice. I’m going to have to try harder to come up with some new and alternative recipes.

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