222: Chocolate Scones

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I woke up one Saturday and decided I wanted to make breakfast. I’d made a lot of pancakes (and a few waffles) because of the heat, but I really wanted something to put in the oven. I looked at a couple of scone recipes, and ultimately decided on Chocolate Scones.

I decided to make this specific recipe because I had a quart of half-and-half, and thought it was the closest that I was going to get to having cream in the house. Now, half-and-half is half cream and half milk, but I thought that it might not make a big difference. I used vanilla chips rather than white chocolate, because I think there’s not much (if any) difference between the two.

This dough was very wet, perhaps more than it should have been because of the half-and-half. I added extra flour to knead it, and it seemed like quite a bit, although I didn’t measure it. I decided to pat it into a circle and cut it into 10 wedges, rather than use a cookie cutter to cut out the scones. The dough was still pretty sticky, so these were not the prettiest scones I’ve ever made. I brushed them with a mixture of egg and half-and-half, and baked them 15 minutes, until a toothpick came out clean.

Chocolate Scones

These were pretty good. They were moist, and I really enjoying biting into the chocolate and vanilla chips. They went particularly well with coffee. Definitely make these for a sweet breakfast for someone who likes chocolate. Using cream instead of half-and-half may make this dough a little less wet because cream will have a higher fat content (and I assume lower water content) than half-and-half, but I’m really not sure. It may just be expected that this would be a very wet dough and that you would need to use lots of flour when you knead it. I highly recommend this delicious, chocolatey recipe.

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