230: Hamburger Buns (King Arthur Flour)

We grilled when we had company from out of town, and one of our out-of-town friends enjoys cooking. He volunteered to (or somehow felt like he should) make pork belly sandwiches [which were awesome, but not what this post is about], as well as make hamburgers. I was happy to not have to season hamburgers, and I knew that they would be awesome because our friend Ben only makes delicious things, so I decided I should make homemade hamburger buns to go with such outstanding burgers.

I hadn’t prepared my sourdough starter in advance, so I decided to try the recipe for Hamburger Buns from the King Arthur Flour website. I think my friend Stefania had made this recipe, and I thought they were pretty good then.

I mixed and kneaded this dough in the stand mixer. I let it rise a little over an hour (while we went out to brunch), and then stuck it in the fridge while we were out of the house again for a few hours.

After a couple of hours of chilling, I took the dough out of the fridge. I divided the dough into 18 pieces (I weighed them to make sure they were roughly equal), and then we flattened them into circles. [Thanks for helping, Karen!] I put them on 2 baking sheets to rise, spacing them out so they wouldn’t touch. They rose at least 45 minutes, although it may have been a little longer because the oven was in use at the time. I didn’t think they were puffy enough yet, so I was in no hurry to bake them until we were ready to grill the hamburgers. I brushed them with an egg wash and sprinkled them with sesame seeds, and baked them 20 minutes.

Hamburger with homemade hamburger bun

These buns were really good, a great compliment for Ben’s hamburgers. [They were awesome – thanks again, Ben!] The buns had a good flavor and texture. They were also pretty easy to make (with the stand mixer to take the hard work out of kneading). I also liked that this recipe had decent instructions on how to shape the dough into hot dog buns. The buns became a little crumbly after a day or two (I think all of the buns I’ve made this year have as well), so you probably wouldn’t want to count on having them as leftovers. I liked this recipe, particularly since it still turned out after putting it in the fridge between the first and second risings. If you want to make homemade buns, give it a try.

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