231: Steak and Pepper Stir-fry

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I had green bell peppers and wanted pepper steak. I didn’t really feel like making American-style pepper steak, though, so I looked for something with a more Asian profile. Unfortunately, one in a cookbook I had took oyster sauce, which I didn’t have and didn’t want to buy because I wouldn’t be able to use up. The recipe for Steak and Pepper Stir-fry sounded pretty much like what I wanted, though.

This recipe goes over noodles, but I decided to have it over leftover rice instead. Reviews of the recipe said there wasn’t enough sauce, so I doubled that while leaving the amount of beef the same. I used about .75 pounds of beef, 2 green bell peppers, 1 baby red pepper, and 1 onion. This means my proportions of vegetables to beef were definitely off, but I decided this shouldn’t affect the recipe negatively since the vegetables don’t cook down and affect the taste. I kept the amount of oil the same, but every other ingredient was doubled. I used white wine instead of dry sherry.

Assembly was easy. I had enough time while the beef marinated to chop up my vegetables. I think that it only took a couple minutes extra time for me to cook, because I wanted to be sure the beef was thoroughly done.

Steak and Pepper Stirfry

This was pretty good. It was pretty gingery, but I think that doubling the ginger with the rest of the ingredients was still the right thing to do. The extra sauce was perfect for having with rice – I think it would have been a little dry otherwise.

This was a pretty good, satisfying recipe. I will probably still try to find a more authentic recipe next time, perhaps even buying oyster sauce to try out the one in my cookbook. In the meantime, though, this recipe is quick, easy, tasty, and takes ingredients that aren’t too unusual. It’s definitely worth trying and keeping around.

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