233: Tomato and Cucumber Salad

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I decided to make Tomato and Cucumber Salad to try to take advantage of more of my cucumbers, since I knew I wouldn’t have many more as summer winds down. [I only made the vegetable salad, and didn’t bother with pita bread or the seasoning.]

Clearly, this was very simple. Chopping the tomatoes, cucumber, parsley, and green onions is what took the longest amount of time. I didn’t read the directions very closely when I made this, because I stirred 2 tablespoons of olive oil directly into the vegetables along with the lemon juice, rather than drizzling olive oil along the top.

Tomato and Cucumber Salad

This was fine, very fresh tasting. It was pretty much what I would expect from a combination of tomato, cucumber, green onions, parsley, and lemon juice. This recipe’s fine if you want to measure your ingredients when you make a salad. I might toss something like this together again, but I don’t think I’d actually follow the recipe.

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