235: Zucchini Stuffed with Ground Meat

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I decided to make Zucchini Stuffed with Ground Meat as a way to use up more zucchini. My experience making this is a great illustration in why you should actually follow directions.

I decided that one of my arm-length zucchini weighed about 2 pounds, so there was no reason not to use it in this recipe. I cut it into 5 pieces and hollowed it out. Of course, a zucchini this big would be awfully hollow, so there was no way that any kind of stuffing would fit into the holes and not fall out. To compensate, I put the zucchini in the baking pan on its side so that I could pile the rice and meat mixture into it. I also used canned tomatoes, and didn’t notice that I needed tomato juice for this recipe. I reserved the liquid from the can of tomatoes, and poured it over the zucchini – in retrospect, I probably should have used a can of tomato sauce for this. I drizzled the zucchini with olive oil before I put it in the oven, since I didn’t have ghee.

There was no thickened sauce with this recipe. I was busy so I let it bake longer than 30 minutes, until we were ready to eat.

This was fine. I think that for me to really enjoy stuffed zucchini, I need some spice in the recipe aside from salt and pepper (and allspice, which went into a previous recipe I made). Alex thought it was okay and graciously ate the leftovers for lunch during the week. If you like stuffed zucchini, this recipe might be okay for you. It’s just not my thing, so I don’t think I’ll make it again.

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