240: Cinnamon Bread

I spent a lot of time looking around for something to make to take to work for a brunch, but I didn’t find anything that jumped out at me. I originally wanted a coffee cake, but most recipes take fruit, which I didn’t have in the house. The cinnamon ones weren’t appealing, but somehow, Cinnamon Bread was!

This was a very simple recipe, so I made it the morning I took it to work. I read the reviews before I made it, and made a few common-sense adjustments based on them. Clearly, as the comments say, this is a quick bread. It’s leavened with baking powder and baking soda, which means that the bubbles occur quickly after you mix it together, and if you stir too much you’ll stir them out. Mixing for 3 minutes like the recipe said was definitely out; I stirred the mixture just until it came together. I also doubled the cinnamon-sugar-margarine topping, and put a little between layers of the batter. I used sour milk in place of the buttermilk. It took about 15 or 20 minutes for me to mix the batter and get it in the oven. It baked for exactly 50 minutes.

Cinnamon Bread
A slice of Cinnamon Bread

This was really pretty good. It was moist and sweet and cinnamon-y. Everyone said it was delicious, and I didn’t have any left at the end of the day. (Yay!) I don’t think I actually needed the extra cinnamon mixture to go on top, but it certainly didn’t hurt the recipe. I’d definitely make this again, because it was a really simple recipe to put together. It was good for breakfast and I think it would be really good for a snack as well.

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