244: World Peace Cookies

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I was disappointed when I realized that World Peace Cookies would require a 3-hour wait between making and baking the dough. When I make cookies I want instant gratification! One evening when I didn’t want cookies, I decided to make the dough so that I could bake them later in the week when I really wanted them.

I measured out the flour, but somehow when I added the cocoa, I only added 1/4 cup. I realized this after I took a break (I was doing other things in the kitchen at the same time) and saw that the 1/4 cup measure was cocoa-y, while the 1/3 cup wasn’t. I eyeballed the extra 1.3 tablespoons of cocoa that the recipe called for. Aside from that, I mixed the dough together as the recipe instructed. I used margarine for butter, and 5 ounces of chocolate chips.

I rolled the dough into logs and refrigerated them. After 3 days, I wanted cookies, so we took one out and baked it. I’d heard conflicting things about whether or not the cookies were good as leftovers, so I decided to save the other for the next day.

The chocolate chips made the cookie log difficult to cut through without it being crumbly. I mashed the pieces back together to approximate a slice. I got 12 cookies out of the first log. I baked them 11 minutes. The recipe said to bake until they looked dry, and they weren’t, but I decided that they looked like cookies I wanted to eat. I did the same with the second log of cookie dough as well.

World Peace Cookies

We really enjoyed these. They were best fresh, as they did harden up a little bit after a while, but even then they were still pretty decent. We made pretty quick work of them – they didn’t last long. I’ll probably make these again sometime when I know in advance that I’ll want cookies.

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