249: Thyme-Braised Brussels Sprouts

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Eating Well magazine had a section on Brussels sprouts in September, and I thought the recipes sounded good. I decided to make Thyme-Braised Brussels Sprouts to go with steaks we were having for dinner.

This was a pretty simple recipe. Take fresh Brussels sprouts and trim off the stem ends. Saute them with some shallots (I used a little onion) for a few minutes, then add a cup of chicken broth, pepper, and 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme. Cook for 10-15 minutes.

Thyme Braised Brussels Sprouts

These were pretty good. I haven’t had Brussels Sprouts very often, but I expected them to be more bitter like the broccoli rabe we had last week. Braising them in broth mellowed them out, though, as did the flavor of sauteed onion. I was expecting a stronger thyme flavor that perhaps simply didn’t come through from the dried herb; I didn’t really notice the thyme flavor unless I ate a few leaves that happened to soak in the broth at the bottom of the pan. I enjoyed this, though, and will probably do something similar to this recipe again.

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