263: Bruschetta

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I made Bruschetta to go with the delicious Norwich Sourdough Bread that I made. This had the advantage of using what is likely the last of my basil, since the weather’s dropped to the upper 60s (from the upper 80s – oof). I’ll need to pick all my green tomatoes soon because of the weather, too, so it was useful to use up some of the ripe ones as well.

I made a half batch of this recipe. I used about 5 tomatoes since one was kind of small. I spooned in a little chopped white onion that I had in the fridge. I toasted the bread in the oven as I cooled it after baking a separate loaf of bread; the bread may not have become as toasted as it could have that way. I toasted some more in the toaster oven later. I didn’t have fresh garlic since I made this before I had planned to buy some; I tried to spread a little minced garlic on the toast and hoped for the best.


This was pretty good. It’s difficult to mess up a tomato-basil combination. If you only have minced garlic, I suggest you add a little of it to the tomato and basil to spread the flavor out better, rather than try to distribute it on the toast. I enjoyed the bread more with the flavor of garlic than without, but I liked the texture of the toastier bread better. I didn’t care for the onion, and ended up picking some of it out. This is definitely a recipe where you want the freshest ingredients you can get. I liked this recipe because my tomatoes were very ripe and my bread was excellent. Give this a shot if you’ve got great tomatoes and bread.

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