268: Strawberry-Chocolate Tart

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Strawberry-Chocolate Tart has been on my list of recipes to make since April. Since it was on a hand-written list on my fridge, Alex always saw it and suggested it when I want to make something sweet.  There’s always been reasons I couldn’t make it. I couldn’t find good strawberries in the store; they were no good by the time I decided to make it; I wanted to bake something that I’d be able to eat that evening. One time I didn’t have oats, so I couldn’t make it. My usual reasons.

Now that it’s October, I decided to finally go for it. I found strawberries that looked decent, and decided that even lackluster October strawberries would taste good with chocolate.

Crust was easy to make, even though I don’t have a food processor. I ground the oats with the sugar and salt, cut in margarine with a pastry cutter (affiliate link), and stirred in the water. I mixed it together by hand to get it to stick together well, and patted it into a 9-inch springform pan. I baked this 18 minutes; it wasn’t really browned when I took it out of the oven, but I didn’t want to overbake it, either.

While the crust cooled, I made the chocolate filling. This was an eggless pudding made on the stove – or, you could think of it as a hot chocolate you cook until extra thick. This step was also pretty simple, if you’ve thickened things on the stovetop before. The chocolate mixture started to thicken before it actually came to a boil. I cooked it 4 minutes after that, stirred in the chocolate chips so that they melted, and poured it into the tart shell. After it cooled, I layered strawberries on the chocolate filling. I wasn’t sure how thin to slice the strawberries, so they may have been thinner than they should have been. I probably only used about 1.5 cups on the tart.

This was pretty good. I liked the combination of the oatmeal crust and the chocolate filling – it would be good without the strawberries as well. Honestly, I didn’t eat much of this because I was too full from dinner at the beginning of the week (we ordered pizza) and I was sick during the last part of the week. Alex seemed to enjoy it, though, and I liked it too. I’d probably make this again.

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