273: Steak and Portobello Stew

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I had portobello mushrooms that I needed to use, so I decided to make the recipe for Sirloin and Portobello Stew. In retrospect, this may not have been the best choice of recipes to make, since I’d just made a beef and mushroom soup the previous weekend. However, I was tired of looking at recipes, and decided that one would be fine. It had also been a recipe that I’d really wanted to try as well.

I had about .7 pounds of beef, rather than the full pound that the recipe called for. I did have 6 cups of portobello mushrooms. I halved and sliced an onion, rather than using pearl onions, since Alex is tired of having so much onion in food. I added an entire bag of green beans, rather than measuring out 2 cups – so I added about 60% more than I was supposed to add. I figured that the extra wouldn’t hurt the stew, particularly since I had less beef already.

This recipe said that it would take 40 minutes, but it actually only took about 30 for me since I did all the chopping in advance. We actually got about 5 bowls of this (there’s still leftovers in the fridge).

Steak and Portobello Stew

This was fine. I think this is probably a very good stew, if you haven’t already had stew earlier in the week. It smelled good as it was cooking. I also probably would have enjoyed this more if I had actually used the amount of beef that I was supposed to. We actually got 5 bowls of this, even though the recipe said that it was 4 servings; this may be because my lunch containers are a little small. I’ll update this with a more positive review if the leftovers of it I have tomorrow really wow me. This is a solid recipe that yields 4 generous bowls of stew. I expect that I’d like it better if I was in the mood for it, so it’s possible that I’d try it again.

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