28: Blueberry Pancakes

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I was excited about making blueberry pancakes on Saturday morning.

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I’ve made plain pancakes before, and rather than just add blueberries to them, I thought I’d make the recipe from the Bride and Groom Cookbook (affiliate link). This recipe involved separating eggs and whipping the egg whites separately, then folding them into the batter. I’m not particularly good at folding in egg whites, and it seemed awfully fussy, but why not? Maybe doing this makes the best pancakes ever, I thought. So I tried it.

These were the prettiest pancakes I’ve ever cooked up. The tops of the pancakes became bubbly very quickly, and the cooking directions were very accurate. Normally I over-brown my pancakes, but not these. I was very excited.

I was disappointed. These pancakes seemed… eggy. Alex understood what I meant. I thought I did a good enough job, but maybe I didn’t fold the egg whites in well enough after all. They were thin pancakes, and not particularly sweet, which is okay because of the blueberries. This recipe called for less flour than other comparable recipes, and I think that made enough of a difference that I really didn’t enjoy eating them. I decided not to finish mine – why should I eat something I don’t particularly like?

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