286: Cooking Light’s Chicken and Rice

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It’s finally cold, so I wanted comfort food on Thursday night. I decided to make Cooking Light’s Chicken and Rice, with a few changes.

I used boneless chicken breasts and cut them in half so that they’d be roughly the size of chicken thighs. I chopped one large onion, rather than measure out 2 cups of onion, since Alex has been complaining about onion recently. I hadn’t planned ahead to make this, so I didn’t have mushrooms. That was perhaps the biggest change of all. I added more carrots to add a little more bulk to it since it was missing mushrooms. I sauteed the chicken, and then the vegetables and rice, on the stove before adding it to the baking dish. I was in a hurry, so I turned up the heat on the vegetables to saute them for less time. I forgot to mix together the water, broth, and cream before I poured it into the rice mixture. I baked this about 35 minutes because I was busy doing other things.

Chicken and Rice

This was okay. I overcooked the chicken, which I knew was going to happen and should have prevented. Honestly, I wasn’t too impressed with this with the changes I made. Overcooking the chicken was my own fault, but it was bland otherwise; perhaps I didn’t season or saute it long enough. The rice needed salt and other seasonings. I expect it would have been much more flavorful with the mushrooms, and I wish I had them. The rice probably would have been better if I’d used chicken thighs, too, since they have more flavor which would have dripped into the rice mixture. Alex thought it was okay, although he could tell that I would find it bland.

As I made this recipe, it was just okay. I think it probably would have been better with chicken thighs and mushrooms. I’m not sure that would help the problem with seasonings, though. I want to give this another chance sometime in the future.

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