306: “The Best” Sugar Cookies

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I happen to have the date we got our dog marked on my calendar, and I wanted to celebrate by making dog bone-shaped sugar cookies. I decided to try “The Best” Sugar Cookie recipe.

I made the dough according to the recipe and chilled it for 30 minutes. When I started rolling out the dough, I’m pretty sure I ate as much dough off of my fingers, scraping it off of the rolling pin, as I did in the cookies I put on the baking sheet. I had to liberally flour the rolling surface and my rolling pin to have any kind of success. Once I had plenty of flour everywhere, it was easier to roll out the cookies, but I was concerned about the extra flour working its way into the dough. I rolled the dough to a thickness of 1/8 inch before making cutouts.

I baked the cookies for 7 minutes, trying to be sure to take them out before they were browned.

“The Best” Sugar Cookies

These were okay. I realize that the beauty of sugar cookie cutouts is frosting them to make them look cute, and I didn’t have the time or inclination to do that to these. The texture was fine. Some were still a little soft and some weren’t, and I couldn’t decide which I liked better. I was frustrated with trying to roll them out. I’ve heard that you should use powdered sugar to dust your work area rather than flour, and I might have had more luck doing that. I really enjoyed the dough I ate while I made these, but I feel like the cookies lacked something once baked.

When I make sugar cookies, I feel like I’m expecting something magical, and I didn’t really get that here. Honestly, these were fine; I’m not sure what more it is that I’m expecting. If I make these again, I’ll be sure to use powdered sugar when rolling out the dough, and I’ll roll out my dough to a 1/4 inch thickness.

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