336: Lemon and Ginger Scones

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I was excited to make Lemon Ginger Scones because it would use up the rest of the crystallized ginger I made.

They were pretty easy to make. I combined the dry ingredients and cut in the butter. I stirred in lemon zest and ginger, and mixed in the buttermilk. I used the zest of one medium lemon, but probably got more of the zest off than most people suggest. I gently kneaded the dough, patted it into a circle, cut it into wedges, and separated them. I brushed the scones with a little cream, and baked them. I can’t remember right now how long I baked them, but I don’t think it took longer than the time listed in the recipe.

Lemon Ginger Scones

These were really good. They were light in texture, and very moist. The scone was sweet with a  hint of lemon, and the bites with candied ginger were spicy and sweet. It was nice to make and eat a scone that wasn’t too rich or weighted down with add-ins. I really enjoyed this scone and would definitely make it again.

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