367: Christmas Scones

When I was looking through the King Arthur Flour website for recipes, I came across Christmas Scones. I didn’t have to make them for Christmas breakfast, but the recipe basically made a double batch (16 instead of 8), so I thought it would be more suitable for 5 people than a different recipe. My family thought the combination of cranberries and pecans sounded good, too.

The recipe was as easy as most scone recipes, except that there was twice as much dough. I used real butter instead of margarine for these, in a change from usual; the butter was much more difficult to cut into the dry ingredients than margarine was. These baked for exactly 20 minutes. They didn’t puff up as tall as I expected.

Christmas Scones
Christmas Scones

These were really pretty good. There wasn’t too much sugar in them; the brown sugar and cranberries gave just a hint of sweetness. The oats and pecans made them feel a little hearty. I like that these didn’t have too much fat; in fact, I’m pretty sure they had less fat than a lot of scones that I’ve made. There was no egg in this recipe, which made the scones a little crumbly, in a good way. You could eat these with butter, but even diehard butter fans liked these without it. I mostly preferred the bites without cranberries, because the combination of oats, butter, and pecans was great.

You could easily halve this recipe to make 8 scones instead of 16. I really enjoyed this, and I’ll make this again.

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