42: S’more Brownies

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On Mondays, I generally don’t feel like cooking by the time I get home. So I either get something in the crockpot before work, or I resort to making my recipe count by baking something in the evening. Last Monday, I did the latter.

I’d had my eyes on S’more Brownies for a while, and I figured that I might as well give them a shot since I had everything on hand for them. I followed the instructions and made sure the brownies were actually done (it took a few minutes longer in my glass pan). I got the marshmallows a little too toasty, but I don’t think that detracted any from it. I thought they were very pretty.

Honestly, I was pretty disappointed in them. I thought the brownie part was too sweet – I like my brownies pretty rich, I suppose, but I thought that it needed to be a little richer to stand up to the marshmallow. I also couldn’t bite them because they were too tall! I think it would have been a better recipe if it had been in a 9×13 pan, used miniature marshmallows, and allowed me to pick the brownie up to eat it rather than force me to use a fork.

I really didn’t care for these. I ate two right after I made them, but I’m making Alex finish the rest. He might be able to offer a better review of them than I can.

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  • I wasn’t a big fan the first couple either, but I liked them a bit more after a day or two. It might also be because I started eating them by having the marshmallow and half the brownie, then the rest of the brownie and the crust. Having it all at once was maybe too much.

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