52: Mahimahi BLT Tacos

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When I made jerk chicken, I couldn’t just buy a single habanero pepper – I had to buy a small carton with 8 or 9 peppers in it. I didn’t want them to go to waste, so I seeded, minced, and froze them.

I was very excited that the magazines I received most recently had a few more recipes that called for habaneros. I made sure to buy some mahimahi so that I could make one of those recipes, Mahimahi BLTs. Although they’re called BLTs, they’re really just fish tacos. You cook a simple salsa of tomatoes (I used roma), garlic, onion, habanero, and red peppers. Then you season your fish with chile powder and broil it with onion wedges. This recipe called for guajillo chile pepper which I hadn’t heard of, so I used New Mexico chile powder instead.  You assemble the tacos, and top with a little bacon.

Mahimahi BLT tacos

The salsa was okay. I think it needed cilantro, or some other flavor in it. It was also still warm when we ate it, which may have made a difference. I think I enjoyed the tacos without it more than with it.  There wasn’t a lot of bacon in this, but the bacon was a nice, different flavor on the tacos. Adding bacon to tacos may be something else I consider doing in the future, thanks to this recipe. :-)

This recipe was yummy enough, but Alex and I agreed that the fish didn’t really shine through. It could have been any form of meat or fish or poultry in this recipe and it would have been about the same, as far as we’re concerned. If I specifically make fish, I want the flavor of it to shine through. While this was pretty tasty, it’s not something that I’ll make again. I’ll find a different recipe instead if I want to try fish tacos again.

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