6: Whole-Grain Waffles with Cherry Sauce

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I always forget how convenient a meal breakfast generally is to make. There’s absolutely no reason not to have something like pancakes for dinner. It’s relatively quick and nutritious, and you probably already have everything you need for it in your house already.

I don’t care too much for pancakes because I feel like they’re too fluffy. Waffles, on the other hand, I love because there’s more surface area to get a good texture. I bought a waffle maker for about 10 bucks at Walmart years ago, and it’s one of my favorite toys in the kitchen (aside from the fact that I can’t submerge it in water to clean it).

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I like the recipe I usually make (from the 2000 Betty Crocker cookbook (affiliate link), but I add whole wheat), but I found a slightly different one that I thought I’d try.

whole grain waffles with cherry sauce
Whole-Grain Waffles with Cherry Sauce

Recipe #6: Whole-Grain Waffles with Cherry Sauce

It’s been a while since I made my regular waffle recipe, so I’m struggling to compare it to my standard. I think the cornmeal in these was a nice touch. I liked the waffles most – Alex liked the cherry sauce most. The cherry sauce was good, but I think that the crust on waffles gives me all the sweetness I need. Both the waffle and cherry sauce recipes in this were good. I’d give this one another try at some point.

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