61: Tuna with Caper Verde Sauce

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My wedding anniversary was this weekend, so I took a little break from both recipe-posting and intensive cooking.

On Thursday night (it seems like so long ago), I made Tuna with Caper Verde Sauce. The recipe actually called for halibut, but the sidebar (I got the recipe from a magazine) said that tuna would be an excellent substitution. The Caper Verde Sauce, made with parsley and basil, was very easy to assemble. I substituted a little garlic for the shallot (although I should invest in shallots sometime), and omitted the mustard and the anchovy paste. I also sliced and roasted some fennel to go along with it.

Tuna with Caper Verde Sauce and Fennel

I enjoyed the sauce on the fish. It’s similar to a piccata sauce, except not as liquid. I would have enjoyed a little more of the sauce with the fish, but it would be easy to increase the ingredients a little bit.

You don’t use much of any one ingredient to make this sauce. I bought basil specifically to try it. I would make this recipe at some point in the future if I had all of the ingredients around already, but I don’t think I’d go out of my way to buy the ingredients again specifically for it.

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