79: Lemon Thyme Bars

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As I was looking for recipes for Easter, I came across Lemon Thyme Bars. This week seemed like the perfect time to try them since I had fresh thyme around after making the Thyme-Honey Glazed Ham. I made them in my stand-mixer (as called for in the recipe) and I can’t think of any alterations I made. I baked for a few extra minutes because I didn’t think they were done yet.

Lemon Thyme Bars

I didn’t think about it when I printed out the recipe, but these are a lemon-flavored shortbread rather than a regular gooey lemon bar. These were different, and I’m still not entirely sure about how much I like them. They are very tender, have a good texture, and have a great lemon flavor from all the juice. They are, though, rather herbal from all the thyme. I’m uncertain as to whether I’ll make them again, but if I do, I would probably use less thyme, maybe about a tablespoon.

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