80: Ham and Potato Cakes

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I decided to adapt the Ham and Yukon Gold Potato Cakes recipe to use up a little more of my leftover Easter ham. They’re “adapted” because I had plain ol’ potatoes, regular ham, and onion instead of leeks that it called for. I diced two smallish yellow onions and sautéed them in a little olive oil with the dried thyme. I was in a hurry, so I tried to shred a potato in my little Magic Bullet blender (affiliate link). This yielded pureed potato (no surprise there). So I shredded the rest of the potatoes with a grater, and tossed the ham in the Magic Bullet because I really didn’t feel like chopping it. This yielded nice potato cakes with ham puree.

I fried them in a little olive oil, adding a little more after each batch. I put them on a plate and kept them warm in the oven while I made subsequent batches.

Ham and Potato Cakes

Alex thought these were a little too oniony. It’s possible that I used too much onion, because I didn’t look up a leek-onion substitution ratio. I thought they were tasty, but I think that shredding the ham the way I did negated the whole benefit of having ham in them. I didn’t really notice ham, and the few places with larger bits of ham made me think that I should have taken the extra minute to dice the ham by hand. I liked these but they were vaguely disappointing because of this mistake. I will try these again at some point (maybe even this weekend) to see if having larger pieces of ham makes them stand out.

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