88: Curried Samosas with Cilantro-Mint Chutney

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I love samosas, so I decided to try the Cooking Light samosas recipe. I’ve made samosas before, a long time ago, and that recipe used egg roll wrappers as well. This specific recipe called for lentils (I used plain old brown lentils, since I couldn’t find yellow ones) to use along with the potatoes and peas. I decided to use water instead of an egg to moisten the edges of the wrappers. With this recipe, you halved the wrappers, put a tablespoon of filling toward the edge, and folded it up as you would a flag. This worked really well. I made the chutney as well, but I didn’t actually have enough mint left for it. I didn’t mind, because I enjoy cilantro. I made a double batch of the samosas so I’d have some for lunch, and a single batch of the chutney.

Veggie Samosas with Cilantro-Mint Chutney

These were pretty tasty overall, and satisfying, even though it takes a while to wrap up all the samosas. I didn’t spray my pan after each batch, which is why some of them became a little scorched. I enjoyed the chutney a lot. The samosa filling was okay, but I know that the one I made a few years ago tasted better. This one needed more spice or more flavor overall. I would follow this samosa-making technique again, but I would search for a different seasoning or different filling altogether to put in it.

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