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I’m Leona. Welcome to Foods I Like, where I share recipes that I’ve made and loved.

I’m a baker at heart. Originally from the Midwest, I currently live in southern New Jersey with my husband and preschooler. If I’m going to cook, I’m going to cook from scratch. And if I’m going to spend time cooking, it should be fun and what I make should be delicious!

I’ve enjoyed baking for as long as I can remember, and my mother kept the flour and sugar canisters full because I always wanted to make cookies and brownies. Even though I’ve been cooking for years, there’s always more to learn and explore.

Foods I Like Love: chocolate, cookies, fruit, homemade bread, ice cream
Foods I Don’t Like: cheese, eggs, ketchup, vinegar

About this website

In 2010, in part out of boredom and following a lackluster 2009, I decided to shake things up by committing to cook 365 new recipes that year. I was tired of uninspired cooking, and I was tired of collecting recipes that I didn’t make. I was tired of cooking just to eat.

I wasn’t disciplined enough to make one per day – I’m not perfect – but I did meet my goal. I made 367 recipes by Christmas, a week before the end of the year! I enjoyed cooking and writing about it so much that I continued to chronicle the recipes I made. This site, basically, is the recipe folder or box. The bonus is that I can share it with you!

You’ll find lots of recipes for bread and baked goods to satisfy your sweet tooth. My sweet tooth has grown up with me, though – things here are not usually toothachingly sweet. I also feature healthy recipes and other favorite meals that I like to make for dinner. I am a picky eater who happens to like a surprising number of different things, so you’ll find variety here. I also have some gluten-free and vegan recipes. Some recipes are simple, some are more elaborate – but all are delicious.

Ask me a question. I love to talk about cooking!

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    • I’m glad you came to take a look! I have a vegetarian tag for meals, but obviously I don’t make enough vegan food to have a dedicated vegan tag. The chocolate peanut butter banana bread was great, definitely give it a try!

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