Bonus Recipe: Vanilla Pudding

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I love chocolate, but I also love vanilla. Last summer I came into some vanilla beans, and since I hadn’t ever actually used vanilla beans, I wanted a recipe that would allow me to just taste the vanilla without anything else getting in the way.

Sometimes I want something sweet, simple, and light. This is generally what I think of.

Simple Vanilla Pudding

I like this vanilla pudding recipe because it uses no eggs. Eggs add richness, it’s true, but I don’t really care for the hassle of cooking the milk, mixing part of the mixture into the eggs so that the eggs don’t just cook, and then having to mix it all back together in the pot to finish thickening the pudding. This recipe is an incredibly simple, one-shot pudding recipe – you mix it all together in the pot, and add a little vanilla extract (or a split vanilla bean) at the end. I use 1% milk, which makes for a pretty light pudding. The last few times I’ve made this I’ve cooked it a little longer than perhaps I should have, which has meant that I’ve had to mix the pudding when I eat it to make it creamier, but I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing. This is just the thing to have when you just want simple and sweet.

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