Cherry-Peach Sangria

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Cooking Light had a series of recipes using cherries recently, and I couldn’t resist adding the recipes to my to-make list. I had some great peaches last week, so I decided I would buy more so that the first thing I made would be Cherry-Peach Sangria.

Recipe was simple to make. I dissolved granulated sugar in some brandy; the recipe didn’t say to heat it, but the sugar and brandy was easier to combine when I did. I added pitted sweet cherries and a bottle of Riesling, and chilled the mixture overnight. Right before serving, I added a sliced peach, a little seltzer water, and a few basil leaves; I’m not a fan of thyme with fruit so I left it out.

The sangria was pretty good. It was sweet but not too sweet. It was balanced and easy to drink. It was fruity but not overwhelmingly so. The cherries were a little alcoholic since they soaked in the brandy and wine, but they were definitely delicious. It was a refreshing drink (and snack) for the summer. This wouldn’t serve 8, as the recipe suggests, but it would provide a nice glass of wine and fruit for 4.

I really enjoyed this drink. It was delicious and not too sweet or heavy. I would make it again.

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