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I’ve finally started a blog. About time, right? Well, I’ve actually had a few other blogs, but I thought I’d start again. At the moment, this blog is primarily about food.

I made a New Year’s resolution to cook more and dine out less. More specifically, to dine out for no more than one dinner and one lunch a week, and to make 365 recipes this year. One for each day of the year. I know, I know – it’s a lot like the premise from Julie and Julia – but not all of this will be fancy cooking. In fact, it’s likely not.

I hadn’t originally planned on making all new recipes, but somehow, making ones I’ve made before seemed a lot like cheating. So, while I’ve made butterscotch brownies and my favorite chicken recipe ever, I don’t really want to count those.

I also play with the recipes a little bit. I leave out things I don’t like, or I adjust them to taste. Makes sense, right? My husband always said I should start my own restaurant, and only serve things I like – and it should be a restaurant called “Things I Like.” So that’s how it works. Sometimes I feel like being fussy with following the directions, and sometimes I’m just pretty sure that it’ll turn out right no matter how I construct a dish. Or it’ll be yummy enough.

Right now I have recipe #13 in the oven.

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