It’s not too late for Guinness cupcakes!

It’s not too late for Guinness cupcakes!

I’m not celebrating St. Patrick’s Day today, but if I were going to at the last minute, I would definitely make my favorite chocolate cake in the whole world – Guinness Chocolate Cake. It’s very easy to make, and is incredibly rich and moist. The cake itself isn’t very beery, although you can tell it’s there if you know what you’re tasting for.

It’s also very easy to half the recipe and make it into Chocolate Stout Cupcakes if you were making them for just a few people and didn’t want to have to eat all that cake yourself. The only special ingredients you might need are stout beer and yogurt or sour cream. Today, I’d frost the cupcakes with green frosting.

(One of these days I’ll get around to making the cupcakes and filling them with whiskeyed ganache and topping them with Bailey’s flavored frosting, like Deb does at Smitten Kitchen.)

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