Plans for 2011

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I always look forward to the beginning of the new year. I’m not actually a fan of New Year’s resolutions; most of the time they’re unattainable (although I was able to keep my 2010 resolution!), or you just can’t stick with them. I still make goals, though. I like to think about what changes I’ll make. I don’t have a large resolution for 2011, but I do have some food-related things I plan to do.

I’m still going to cook and blog, so please come back to see what I make! I will soon make English muffins, because I’ve wanted to make those for a long time. I also made a vanilla cordial last year that I didn’t get a chance to review; I guess it’ll actually be #368 for 2010.

As a gift, I received a book in Japanese (which I can read) – it’s called 365 lunchboxes! So you can look forward to seeing some Japanese recipes featured on this blog. I received a dehydrator for Christmas, so I think I’ll also experiment with making some jerky and dried fruit, among other things. There will probably be less bread on my blog in general, as Alex is planning to go on a lower-carb diet and I don’t want to tempt him with too many goodies; that also means fewer sweets. There’ll probably be more meat dishes, spice rubs, and seasoned nuts recipes on here soon, too.

If I make anything that tastes especially great, I’ll blog about that. I’m going to try to clear through some pantry as well, so you’ll likely see some of those things here. I’m looking forward to blogging about some old favorites that I keep returning too. I expect that sometime in the spring I’ll have a chocolate chip cookie bake-off, a long-time dream of mine. So please stay tuned!

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